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Live the life of an animal from the city. Go through the life of a rat in the slums to a pampered pup in a fancy apartment.
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 Snuggles and pc's creation

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Snuggles and pc's creation Empty
PostSubject: Snuggles and pc's creation   Snuggles and pc's creation Icon_minitimeTue May 22, 2012 12:03 am


Girl or boy:Girl

Animal:Toy poodle

Appearance:White w/ blue eyes

Personality:sweet, lovable, motherly, stubborn

Lower or Upper Class:upper

Role Playing Sample: Snuggles laid in her bed at the foot of Tori's bed. She yawned and stretched quickly moving out of the room towards her dish. "wonder if we are going to the park today?" she asked herself. Snuggles moved through out the house in her usual routine, making sure no mice or rodents got in over night.


Girl or boy:girl


Description:black with grey spots. One of her spots is like a circle

Personality:gets annoyed when dumb people are around, calm sometimes, playful, motherly.

Lower or upper class: both, she doesn't exactly have a home.

Role-play:up above.
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Snuggles and pc's creation
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