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Live the life of an animal from the city. Go through the life of a rat in the slums to a pampered pup in a fancy apartment.
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 Mollie's Creation

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PostSubject: Mollie's Creation   Mollie's Creation Icon_minitimeTue May 22, 2012 12:05 am

Name: Mollie

Girl or Boy: Girl

Animal: Labrador Retriever

Appearance: Mollie has a sleek, black, short coat and soft, floppy ears as well as milk chocolate brown eyes. She is small for her breed.

Personality: Mollie is a happy-go-lucky type of dog. She is very laid-back and isn't concerned about what happens to her in life. She gets easily distracted and is usually very trustworthy, unless she is bribed.

Lower or Upper Class: Lower Class

Role Playing Sample:
Mollie strolled along in the back alley ways of the city, wondering what she was going to have for breakfast that morning although her stomach didn't think it could handle too much more after eating that tennis ball just last night. Tossing her nose in the air, she suddenly caught the smell of... cooking sausage? Today was her lucky day! It was Steaming Sausage Saturday at the Waffle House just across the street from where she stayed. She was going to have a feast.
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Posts : 16
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PostSubject: Re: Mollie's Creation   Mollie's Creation Icon_minitimeSun Jul 01, 2012 1:50 am

Name: Prissy

Girl or Boy: girl :3

Animal: Yorkie-- dog

Age: 2 years


Personality: Prissy is a very fancy, very pampered pooch that has had no complications in her life. She gets everything she wants and has a very good way of manipulating others to receive what she prefers. She cannot stand being outside of the apartment building that her owner lives in or her owner's purse especially since that means she has to be around the mangy mutts of the lower class. So, in other words, she's a HUGE SNOB D:

Lower or Upper Class: so high class, she's past the clouds |D *shot*

Roleplay Sample:
Prissy was lying up in her own little loft that her owner had gotten her, staring out the window of the twentieth floor of the building she lived in. This view was so peaceful, being able to see the skies and the ground with ease. "This is the absolute life," She barked with a small, sophisticated tail wag since she didn't want to mess up her fur since her own had just recently cleaned it. It was only when some dogs at ground level started barking did her utopia suddenly vanish. She looked down at them with a growl as she stuck her nose in the air. "Just ignore them."
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Mollie's Creation
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