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 The raccoon, he's hungry!

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The raccoon, he's hungry! Empty
PostSubject: The raccoon, he's hungry!   The raccoon, he's hungry! Icon_minitimeMon Jul 02, 2012 2:49 am

Racin jumpped from roof to roof, almost where he needed to be. He hadn't eaten in days, but his friend was plump, and many times he thought of eating her. He held back, and jumpped off the roof. He walked into the park, and climbed into a trash can. He hadn't been in one in a long time, so he didn't know what look for. He looked for hours, when something wet hit his head, and he heard a screech. He quickly jumped out, and ran up a tree.

ooc: he has mustard on his head XP
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The raccoon, he's hungry!
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